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Strong Woman

Evolve StrongHer

A 12-Week Transformative Group Coaching Program

Welcome to the Evolve StrongHer Group Coaching Program!

What do you get? Results!

Lose excess fat WITHOUT restrictive diets!

Tone your body WITHOUT having to go to a gym!

Learn how to love your 40+ body again!

Join me for your transformation!

Click the link for a free consult to see if you're ready for a lifestyle change.  

During my 12-week coaching program, you will

Read what clients say about my Evolve StrongHer Program!

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! Thank you so very much for creating this program!  It has done so much for me and I just wanted to say thanks!  You have been simply AMAZING throughout this process.  I'm so grateful for your support, encouragement and work that you have given to us all.  You are truly a BLESSING! 

D. Lorde

I wanted to lose the pounds for GOOD. Not a temporary crash diet that will make it worse later.  Thank you for  helping me with that.

D. Perez

I feel progress, I see progress! 

R. Frierson

If you're tired of yo-yo dieting that produces temporary results, tired of trying to go to the gym with a busy schedule, my Evolve StrongHer Program is the solution! 

- Coach Pat

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