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Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Real Results

Sandra C.

I entered this program because I was not happy with myself. I needed a change!  Everything the program offered was beneficial to me. I got much stronger from doing the exercises; my body didn't hurt as much anymore; I became a more confident person. I looked forward to the Monday night meetings, where we talked about everything related to women's health and nutrition.

Joyce W.

I highly recommend this amazing woman Pat. She helped me to change my eating habits and begin my exercise journey. In just 8 weeks I was able to see a big improvement in my body, my dress size went down, my energy level increased and my overall mindset has improved.

Dale C.

I highly recommend Pat! She helped me to transform my thinking about portions, eating, and training/exercise. I worked with Pat both privately and in a group and each sessions was valuable. She provided a realistic timeline for progress and motivated me until I could motivate myself!!

Anyone that works with her will be extremely satisfied.

Real Experiences, Real Results

Consistent Strength Training/Cardio Program

Nutrition Guidance without Dieting

Creating Habits to Support Overall Wellness

Start your journey today!

Here are a few of the transformations achieved in our fitness programs. From increased strength and energy to improved confidence and lost inches, our StrongHer approach delivers real results.

Ready to start your journey? Join us today and unlock your full potential!

Tekia W.

This was an amazing program! I put in the work, created healthy eating habits, and held accountable. Coach Pat is phenominal! My journey will continue, this is now a lifestyle, not a diet!

Thanks Coach Pat!!!

Angela R.

I had a very positive experience with StrongHer Personal Training. Personal attention was given to all the women in the group and various topics were discussed, such as nutrition, recipes, types of exercises and the reason for the exercises. I lost 11 lbs as well as inches and gained more energy and strength.

Beth G.

Pat is a trainer who truly understands the needs of older women. Her program has been the perfect answer to put me on a path of lifelong healthy practices.  Give it a try! Put your health first! I am so glad I did!

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