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Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Real Results

Lisa Houston

I took 4 of Pat's Sessions and by session 2 knew I wanted to sign up for 4 more. Pat is not only inspirational she is firm yet kind and does not overwhelm you especially if you are a beginner like I was. 

After 8 sessions I feel more equipped to practice

1. Mindful eating and

2. Do new work outs!

I highly recommend Pat especially if you want a lifestyle/long term change! What a good experience!

Aggie Gold

Are you looking for an awesome personal trainer, one that truly cares, custom designs the exercises to your ability and most importantly your age, while at the same time making it a fun and enjoyable experience?  I can't imagine anyone better than Pat!  I actually look forward to my workouts!

Monica Cleare

My bootcamp experience was challenging, rewarding, and fun.  Pat takes the time to engage each participant to push themselves to their best potential.  The drills were structured for specific areas of the body and modified for those individuals who needed modification. Pat incorporated nutrition goals for the week and offered suggestions on workouts at home . I would highly recommend her bootcamp classes to anyone who wants to get fit and healthy.

Ingrid Bacca

Do you have a closet full of clothes that just never seems to fit right?
Struggling every morning trying to figure out what to wear that you're not spilling out of?
That daunting task each morning seemed like a daily struggle. Until I decided to be an AFTER-Pat helped me realize my potential with hard work & continual kind words even when I felt I had reached that inevitable point of giving up.
I’m happy to say I no longer look like a BEFORE- instead I occasionally look at those pictures to see how far I’ve come!

Leilani Brown

Pat is the best! I am new to weight training, previously using Peloton or other cardio, but I’m seeing results. Inches off, stronger and more confident in my ability to train hard. And she is encouraging, checking in with me during the week. I highly recommend Pat and just signed up for an entire year. we come! Let’s get it, Pat!

Yolanda R.

The StrongHer classes taught by Patricia Greaves are excellent! She explains each exercise and provides options for modifications if you're unable to do the exercise as is. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone that wants to begin their workout journey.

Maritza J.

I have been taking StrongHer Personal training classes once weekly since March. I’m an avid runner running a minimum of 20 miles a week. Since taking this class My running time has improved. I’m able to run my long-distance runs (8-10 miles) pain-free and with extra stamina.

Vereline McClaney

Thanks so much, Pat, for inspiring me to set realistic goals and most of all achieve my fitness goals!

Juanita R.

I went to Patricia because I had put on a few pounds and wanted to lose them. What I got was not only a physical change but a mental change. Because of the tools, she gave me and the mindset shifting she instructed me on I am now able to have Oreos in my cabinet without feeling the need to eat them all at once! This is a big deal and symbolic of how her training shifted my mindset around food. And oh yea, let's not forget reached my ideal weight under her instruction, doing her exercises. Patricia is not only patient, she guides you without judging where you are and pushes you to be the best version of yourself with high-intensity workouts that she leads up to. I highly recommend her training to anyone who wants not only a physical shift but a mental shift to sustain it! Highly recommend!

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