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Love Yourself: Your February Fitness Challenge!

Updated: Feb 22

February is the month when many of us tend to give up on the fitness goals we made in January. What better opportunity than to make February the month where you dedicate loving yourself enough to keep going! This blog is dedicated to the StrongHer Sister who wants to embark on a journey of falling in love with herself. It's not just about exercising your body, it's about embracing your strength and making yourself a priority.

Get ready to take the leap and embrace the journey with these steps:

1. Mindful Movement:

Start incorporating mindful movement into your routine. Stretching, taking daily walks, doing pilates and yoga not only benefit your body but help you form a deeper connection between mind and body. Celebrate the temple that is uniquely yours!

2. Setting Realistic Fitness Goals:

Visualize what you want for yourself and set goals that align with your aspirations. Whether it's increasing your daily steps, trying out a new workout, or joining a fitness challenge - setting realistic goals that you can achieve will help you to level up while loving yourself where you currently are.

3. Nourishing Your Body:

Show love to your body through nourishing it with healthy, wholesome foods. Step out of your comfort zone and try out a new recipe or different food. A well-nourished body is a contented body.

4. Celebrating Achievements:

Reflecting on your achievements to remind yourself of your strength and ability.  Create a "Weekly Wins" journal where you note your wellness triumphs, big and small. 

5. Self-Care Rituals:

Incorporate self-care routines into your weekly schedule. Whether it's a massage, a relaxing bath, or a meditation - self-care is an expression of self-love. Take time to appreciate your body's abilities and express gratitude for the journey you are on.

6. Community Support and Empowerment:

Join our StrongHer fitness community that uplifts and inspires. I’m excited to invite you to my private Facebook group, StrongHer Sisters where you can share your journey, celebrate each other’s successes, and get motivated from the collective strength of like-minded women. (Link at the bottom of page)

7. Loving the Process:

Let’s get ready to make February a month of self-love and empowerment - a celebration of the incredible woman you are. Embrace each step of the journey of becoming the best version of yourself.  Get ready to fall in love with yourself, ladies! 💖

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