Carbs aren’t the Enemy, but How You Eat Them May Be

Carbohydrates have a bad rap – we associate them with unhealthy weight gain and think we must banish them from our lives in order to lose weight.

But carbs provide an important use for our body – they give us energy to move, think and even affect our emotions. There’s a reason why we call carby meals “comfort foods”, they make us feel good and when we take them out of our diet, we feel crabby!

So why are carbs considered the bane of most diets? Because we either eat too much of them or eating over-processed forms which contain little nutritional value but very high amounts of sugar, sodium, or fat.

Let’s examine the heavy hitters..

Bread - particularly white bread. White bread is low in nutritional value while being high in carbs so all you get is a lot of calories. Stick to whole grain breads which contain the entire kernel - not only do you get much needed fiber, but it’s packed with nutrients including protein, fiber, B vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Increasing whole grains in your diet also lowers your risk of heart disease, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes.

My favorite whole grain bread? Dave’s Killer Bread, hands down. It’s soft and delicious!

Pasta – Pasta is usually at the top of everyone's list for ditching. One cup of spaghetti provides 42 grams of carbs, which is 1/6 of your daily allotment. Anyone will tell you, if you’re having a pasta meal at a restaurant, you are going to eat waaaaay more than one cup! Many brands also use highly refined flour to make their pasta, and like white bread, there is little to no nutritional value to go along with the calorie count. You can enjoy pasta b