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What’s in your cart?

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Have you ever gone to the grocery and ask yourself later, "why did I buy this"?

Here are a few tips to make sure your grocery shopping serves you and your family nutritiously.

1. Plan your meals and make a list before you shop. You'll minimize the urge to buy unhealthy snacks when you stick to a plan.

2. Shop the perimeter of your grocery store. Your shopping cart should contain mostly fresh, minimally processed food. Around the store aisles you will find your produce, meats, dairy and health foods.

3. After the perimeter, shop in the frozen foods aisle to buy frozen fruits for smoothies or veggies that will last for a while.

4. Next, head to the water aisle. Instead of purchasing the small bottles that will end up in landfills, buy large containers (a gallon or more) to refill reusable bottles.

5. Aisles to avoid or spend as little time as possible? The snack, canned food and condiment aisles. That's where most of the damage takes place.

6. And lastly, don't shop when you are hungry! If you can't eat a meal, make it a habit to carry healthy snacks with you to sate your appetite. If you do this before you shop, you will prevent buying that box of donuts.

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